Puerto Rico Surfing Trip Guide – February 2017

Rincón, Puerto Rico may not be talked about as a surf destination as much as the North Shore, Gold Coast, or J-Bay, but it has some seriously good breaks none-the-less. When it’s pumping it can big and barrel-y, and the area is a small enough and the geography is such that if your current break isn’t going off, chances are you can take a short drive and find a spot that is.

For my trip, surfing was an active rest day activity between climbing days (read my climbing trip guide here), which meant I was looking for moderate size waves, and I rented boards as opposed to bringing mine. I scoped two locations, the first was Surfer’s Beach because I heard it was a solid break and had some boulders on the beach that could be climbed, and Sandy Beach because it was also a great spot to lounge after a session.

If you want to read more about what I did for lodging and food you can read my Puerto Rico trip travel guide.

The Breaks

Surfer’s Beach | Map Link

Break Type: Reef, rock bottom

Skill Level: Intermediate and up

Where to rent a board: Surf Zone | Map Link

This shop is your classic surf shop. The board rentals are in the back. They have a solid selection and the boards are nice. The waves were overhead the day I went so they wouldn’t provide me a leash because of the risk of breaking it, so I had to buy my own.

I am not sure they do this every time you rent, but the guy that was working at the time took me to the Officer’s club’s balcony next door and showed me the break. He gave me a run down on the water, current, and what to watch out for. It was really cool of him to do that. Also, this is the closest shop to the break, so convenience is very high.

Parking and Amenities:

There is a free and pretty large parking lot right at the beach. There are no other amenities.

The Waves:

It was big the day I went out. The waves were consistently overhead. There wasn’t really a trick to paddling out, you just had to take it on the chin. I was pretty exhausted after I got passed the breakers and into the lineup.

I was on a shoulder mainly picking up rights, but the main break a-framed. It’s also important to note that this break can be tricky because there is a longshore current that takes you southwest towards a big grouping of rocks that are loaded with urchins. I was warned about this, and even then I still got pushed into the beginning part of the rock formation when I paddled in. I luckily didn’t get an urchin in the foot, but it was definitely sketchy.

Sandy Beach | Map Link

Break Type: Reef, rock bottom

Skill Level: Beginner and up (wave size permitting)

Where to rent a board: Mar Azul | Map Link

Mar Azul is small but they have a good board selection, all of which are nicely maintained. They will do a thorough ding check so be vigilant when transporting your rental. They’ll provide roof racks if you need them.

Parking and Amenities:

There is a very small amount of parking right at the beach, otherwise you need to find parking on the street. There is a little snack shack that has non-alcoholic cold drinks and chips and stuff. As we were leaving, we did notice that we had overlooked a bar at hotel nearby, huge miss.

The Waves:

The size was much more manageable this day. There is no secret to paddling out, just time it right between sets and push through. It’s a very straight forward break with no major dangers. The size was probably 3-5 feet, and it held it’s shape nicely. There was a longshore current this day too that took me west.

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