My name is Joey Dehnert. I am a software engineer and entrepreneur. I am a principal at Insert Culture and am currently working on Curate. I also brew beer, ride bikes, and climb rocks.


Insert Culture


I am a principal at Insert Culture, a Brooklyn based digital studio. It’s core ethos is minimalism, iteration, and activity, which boils down to efficient, test driven approaches to solving digital problems. Read more about what we do.



Curate is hand-picked video content. A huge amount of video content is uploaded each day, and the editorial team at Curate combs the internet to separate the good from the bad and puts it in one spot.

Notable Past


As a senior software engineer at Disney I worked on properties like and I mainly focussed on front-end and php development.


At Rokkan, I was contracted as a designer and hired as a front-end engineer. While working there I did projects for companies such as Google, Ford, Toyota, Kraft, Jet Blue, and Timbuk2.


9 Development Practices That Helped Me Write More Manageable and Efficient Javascript and jQuery

Use a Closure Instead of $(document).ready (function($){ })(jQuery); Using a closure instead of $(document).ready or the $(function(){}) shortcut is a more efficient and defensive approach to initializing a script file. The efficiency comes from writing with a modular design pattern and is discussed more in #8 and #9. The defensive benefit comes from properly reassigning […]

JDS Slideshow 1.0 is released!

After what seems like continuously writing cycler and slideshow plugins I have finally compiled the best parts into one reusable set of code. There are a lot of options out there for slideshows, but I have always found that the plugins either had too many features or not enough, so I tried to write a […]

Writing Responsible Code

Prune Your Codebase I almost never write efficient code on my first pass. I usually vomit code into my text editor to get my ideas out knowing that I will have to clean it up later. Unfortunately, the clean up is usually the most boring and tedious part of programming, but also one of the […]


If you need a website, mobile app, video game, code for some other platform, or just want to say “hi”, email me: jd[at]