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I have worked on since October 2011. In the time since, I have lead the front end efforts to transform the site from one that was made up of 100s of html files with no standards to a fast rendering, responsively designed, wordpress based site.


I have done web design since 2005. I previously worked in Manhattan at the digital agency Rokkan where I did work for brands such as Google, Ford, Toyota and Kraft. I currently work for the Walt Disney Company at

Being trained as a designer first has helped me become a hybrid of aesthetics and utility. The coupling of my design and coding skills has allowed me to understand the importance of writing SEO friendly code with a design that encourages the user to take appropriate action. I stay current with developing and emerging technologies like HTML5, CSS3 (SASS), javascript (jQuery, require.js, backbone.js/underscore.js, node.js), PHP, and Objective-C in both the traditional browser world and mobile platforms.

Outside of web development I co-founded a non profit that provides basic necessities like food, water and shelter to those in need called The Positive Change Project. We currently work with a beautiful group of AIDS orphans in South Africa.

If you have a job inquiry or just want to say hi, send me an email here: jd [at]